Thazin Foundation

Sustainble charity



THAZIN Foundation want to make a REAL social impact, based on transparency and integrity and to be a reliable and trustworthy partner.


THAZIN Group of Companies is committed to Corporate Social Responsibillity.

  • THAZIN Foundation will be set up
  • 10% of net profit from our operation will be donated to THAZIN Foundation
  • Funds from THAZIN Foundation will be used to improve quality of life for local people in the countries THAZIN operate.
  • THAZIN Foundation also wants to raise global awareness. 
  • ​THAZIN Group of Companies want to set a standard and make a real difference.

Sustainable Charity

Thazin Foundation Projects

THAZIN Foundation will work on various projects in those countries THAZIN group of companies are operating. Goal is to improve quality of life for local people.

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